3D Modeling

Every virtually presented project starts with a 3D models. These models can be used for real time presentations or games. Or they can be rendered as high detailed and shaded images.

Games and interactive presentations
for promoting and marketing

But why stop there? Once the models have been created, they can be used in virtual worlds and make them interactive, like in games or presentations. Modern game engines guarantee that the quality is top of the line. And the best part is that they are 100% free to use.

My project portfolio contains several flawless projects, that were used for promoting and marketing purposes.


And since we are on a roll, let’s make them alive. Who want’s to watch static characters? Nobody! The best way to advertise and market with 3D models is to make the them move and dance. With modern 3D tools, we can easily achieve this. Want the letters in your logo dance like Gangnam Style? No problem.

IoT, 3D prints, technical designs and assembly instructions

But let’s not forget that nowadays the models can be also printed out and make actual prototypes. Who wants to show just slides to the client, when you can hand over an actual prototype of the model? Nobody! Welcome to the future.

And as a bonus, the same models can be also presented as technical designs and as assembly instructions.

What's cooking?

I’m investigating and developing products with drones and timelapse cameras. Stay tuned!